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Overview of income 2018 (exclusive endowment)

Amounts in €

*EMAEuropean Medicines AgencyRIZIV-INAMINational Institute of Health and Disability InsurancePSURPeriodic Safety Update Report

Overview of expenditure 2018

Amounts in €
*ICTInformation and communication technologyNAT blood testNucleic Acid Amplification Test – blood test with nucleic acid amplificationRIZIV-INAMINational Institute of Health and Disability Insurance

Evolution income and expenditure

Amounts in €

Activity Budget 2018 Realisation 2018
Expenses (in €)
Expenditure for personnel (salary and social security contributions) 41,161,000 37,146,000
Other personnel costs 3,063,000 1,418,000
Expertise 7,675,000 4,927,000
Non-ICTInformation and communication technology expenses 6,453,000 4,696,000
ICTInformatie- en communicatietechnologie expenses 4,654,000 3,606,000
Non-ICTInformation and communication technology capital expenses 85,000 37,000
ICTInformatie- en communicatietechnologie capital expenses 3,876,000 3,852,000
NATNucleic Acid Amplification Test – blood test with nucleic acid amplification blood test subsidy 7,727,000 7,727,000
RIZIV-INAMINational Institute of Health and Disability Insurance tax 78,000 29,000
Other expenditure and subsidies 13,355,000 11,664,000
Repayements to the state 0 11,476,000
Total 88,125,000 86,578,000

 The budget has been set for 2018 according to a logic strongly influenced by the ZBBZero based budgeting -the major exercise around the financing model of the FAMHP approach. All outputs are analysed. The law dated 11 March 2018 regarding the financing of the FAMHPFederal Agency for Medicines and Health Products extends the variable taxes from two to five taxes.

At the closure of the fiscal year 2018, part of the collected variable taxes were repaid (partially also to the state) to come to a balanced accounting result.




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